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Tips for Buying a Coffee Maker

If you are not into drinking coffee, you’re missing one of the best things in life. No, we’re not kidding. It’s true. Drinking coffee is now part of most people’s habits - and guess what? Some people can’t function without starting their day drinking one. 

There are a lot of different ways to make a cup of coffee. However, not everyone has the same skills or type. If you are planning to have your own machine or any equipment to enjoy your homemade coffee, you have to consider a few things to avoid disappointments. 

What Should You Look for When Buying a Coffee Maker?

If you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, but you’re not sure which one to choose, then this article will assist you in selecting the appropriate coffee maker for your needs. We buy a coffee maker every few years and it stays with us for a long time, and you certainly do not want to be disappointed with your coffee maker for such a long time. So simply invest a little time in these buying tips, and I guarantee that after reading this guide, you will be free of any doubts about your coffee maker search and will know which coffee maker is ideal for you based on your needs and budget.

There are various aspects to consider when purchasing a coffee maker; let's go over them one by one!

Convenience: Do you like a practically hands-off coffee making experience in the morning, or do you prefer to have coffee prepared for you when you get up? Or do you enjoy the ritual of brewing coffee? When you wake up, a programmable electric coffee maker can have your coffee ready for you. Electric equipment that are less automated may take a bit more care, but they nevertheless operate with the push of a few buttons. Pour-over coffee makers that require your full attention, such as French press brewers and stovetop espresso pots, are all manual pour-over coffee makers. While pod machines are ideal for houses with multiple members who each want a distinct sort of coffee and do not require vast volumes, they are not ideal for large families.

While espresso machines and coffee makers are typically distinct devices, hybrid machines that brew both types of coffee are also available. Having two machines on the counter takes up a lot of counter space, but it's the greatest solution if you enjoy both coffee and espresso and want to prepare each one correctly. Hybrid machines take up less room and are likely to be less expensive than buying two separate machines, but they may not be the greatest option if you want the highest quality coffee and espresso. Espresso-style drinks are frequently available in pod machines, but they aren't always the most authentic, so if you want real espresso or cappuccino, you should avoid them.

There are coffee machines that can brew just the amount you need, from a single cup to a family-sized carafe. Some machines provide a large number of brew sizes to choose from, while others have a much smaller selection. Single-cup brewers are ideal for single people or households where everyone has a distinct favorite flavor or style of coffee. They're also ideal for families where everyone gets up at different times. Larger-capacity brewers are ideal for those who enjoy a lot of coffee, as well as for family breakfasts, brunches with the neighbors, and dinner parties where coffee is served. Large brewers are frequently billed as holding 10 to 12 cups, however be aware that a "cup" of coffee in a machine is only 5 to 6 ounces, not 8 or 16! You can also get commercial-sized machines that can brew enough coffee for small gatherings for large parties.

Timing: If your household consumes coffee throughout the day, a coffee maker with a thermal carafe will keep the coffee boiling hot no matter what time of day it is. A glass maker with a warming plate should suffice for individuals who only drink coffee in the morning, but some people don't enjoy the burnt taste that warmers can produce if left on for too long. A pod machine is ideal for families that are rushing out the door in the morning and don't want to worry about leaving the machine on.

Sizing: While the size of a machine has no bearing on your cup of joe, it might cause a slew of issues if it doesn't fit in the designated place. Make sure to measure precisely and factor in whether you'll need to open the machine's top to add water or grounds. Consider the size of your mugs when using a single serve machine. The brewer will not accommodate many larger mugs.

Strength and Flavor: If you and your family prefer different types of coffee, search for a machine that allows you to adjust the brewing intensity based on whether you want a weaker or stronger cup. There are other coffee machines that can do much more than simply prepare a cup of coffee. Everything from tea to hot chocolate to a gourmet cappuccino is on the menu.

Heat: The carafe sits on heating plates in almost all coffee machines. However, if you prefer to sip your coffee over several hours, leaving it on the hot plate can result in a burnt and bitter taste. Instead, choose a coffee maker with temperature control settings that you can change during the day, or an insulated stainless steel carafe to keep the coffee warm for longer.

Price: A coffee maker with a lot of extra functions will be more expensive than a basic machine. The average coffee machine should cost less than $100. Look for sales on the manufacturer's website during the holidays to obtain the greatest value, and always check pricing with a store like Amazon.

Tip: Because pod machines require unique pods and equipment, they are less cost-effective and wind up being more expensive in the long run.

Options for Custom Brewing: The most basic machines offer few options save from adding more or fewer coffee grounds or water, whereas more advanced machines let you customize the water temperature, brew strength, and brew size. Hot chocolate, tea, and other beverages can be made with cup and capsule machines. Simple machines are less expensive in general and are more likely to be easier to use because you can't choose the wrong option by accident.

Extra Features: Some machines offer more than just brewing settings, such as timed brewing, keep-warm or auto-shutoff, and a thermal carafe to keep the coffee warm. When the coffee is done brewing, some versions feature audio alerts, and most electric ones have lights that indicate when the brewer is on or when the coffee is done. Features like milk frothing, bean grinding, and reminders when the machine needs to be cleaned may be included in higher-end models. Espresso machines and hybrid coffee/espresso brewers are the most versatile, but they also have the most expensive price tags.

It's time to start shopping for a coffee maker once you've decided on the type and features you desire. But hold off on going to the store or browsing internet sales just yet. There are hundreds of coffee makers on the market, making it difficult to sort through them all.

One thing you should remember, that whenever you buy equipment, appliances, or a machine, you have to consider the warranty of that product to ensure its safety and avoid spending extra money buying another one.


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