Meet Nick & Norma

In today's fast paced world, it's easy to place cooking at home on the back-burner. Studies show that eating meals together as a family creates space for communication and bonds to strengthen. This is why Norma and I started Nick and Norma's Kitchen Store. Our mission is to provide families with the right kitchen tools and knowledge to make home cooking quick, easy and enjoyable for the whole family.

Our Story

The story of Nick and Norma begins like many others. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love. As the story goes, the rest is history! Except there’s a slight twist that’s common to so many modern families these days. Both Nick and Norma were raised by single parents, and they themselves too, were single parents. 


Being raised by and being single parents from a young age both Nick and Norma shared the belief that growing and keeping a family close together was an important core value. As their love grew so did the strength of Family thanks to this core value.

Thinking back to what helped build this strong bond with each other and amongst the children, Nick and Norma realized that one of the key contributors to this success was having family meals. Having dinner together as a family, every night (or as many as possible).


Nick and Norma’s Online Store was created to share with the world the essential kitchen tools that helped us provide delicious healthy home cooked meals for our family, in today’s fast paced world.


Join us in our Journey Of Bringing Families Back Together, One Meal At A Time! 


It Was A Pleasure Meeting You. Thanks For Shopping Nick & Norma's