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Mini Donut Maker - Makes 7 Doughnuts

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The DASH Express Mini Donut Maker is an innovative kitchen gadget that allows you to make cute and delicious mini donuts right at home! Whether you're snacking, entertaining, or just looking for a fun kitchen project, this appliance is the perfect solution. With its quick and easy operation, even your kids can join in on the fun!

No more long wait times at the donut shop or settling for a less-than-ideal pre-packaged treat. With the DASH Express Mini Donut Maker, you can choose your preferred batter and make 7 perfectly-formed mini donuts in just minutes. The non-stick surface makes cleanup a snap, so you can spend more time enjoying your treats and less time washing up.

Not only is this appliance quick and easy to use, but it is also highly versatile. Whether you're feeding a large family, dealing with picky eaters, or just short on time, the DASH Express Mini Donut Maker has got you covered. You can get creative and decorate your mini donuts with frosting, glaze, sprinkles, and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

With its compact design and trendy color options, the DASH Express Mini Donut Maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its small size takes up minimal counter space, and its sleek design will match any kitchen décor. This appliance makes the perfect gift for weddings, new homeowners, or anyone who loves delicious, homemade treats.

The DASH Express Mini Donut Maker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and comes with a recipe book and access to a recipe database. All non-electric parts are easily wiped clean, making maintenance a breeze. Get ready to enjoy freshly-baked donuts anytime, anywhere, with the DASH Express Mini Donut Maker!

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 9.3 x 5.2 inches