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Nick and Norma's

Nick and Norma's Milk Frother

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Brand: Nick and Norma's


  • Get Creamy Froth Instantly: Nick and Norma's Bring You Our Portable Handheld Milk Frother For Frothed Milk. If You Love Your Morning Coffee With Lots Of Froth And Foam, Then You Absolutely Want To Have Nick and Norma's Handheld Milk Frother Wand In Your Arsenal. It Comes With A Heart Shaped Stand For Easy Storage That Can Be Kept Neatly On Your Countertop.
  • 3 Aaa Batteries Provide Uninterrupted Power For Perfect Froth In 10-15 Seconds. Coffee Frother Handheld Frother Mixer Is Battery Powered, Don't Worry About Cords And Sockets. Use With Cold Milk Or You Can Heat Up The Milk, Immerse The Espresso Maker Into The Cup And Turn It On. The Coffee Foamer Instantly Creates Creamy Froth.
  • Our Milk Whisk Coffee Wand Is Made Of Best Quality Stainless Steel. With A Motor Providing Over 21000 Rmp It Has A Power To Make Froth Instantly. Stainless Steel Whisk Won't Rust Or Break Over The Time, And Is Detachable For Dishwasher. Nick and Norma's Hand Held Frother Mixer Delivers Double The Power Of Other Frothers And Professional Espresso Makers In Its Class. The Power Button On Top Makes It Easy To Use And Is Silicone To Prevent Ware.
  • The Frother Mixer Is Beautifully Styled In3 Colors To Fit Into Any Modern Kitchen. It Is Lightweight And Has Ergonomically Designed Soft Touch Handle. It Is Easy To Use And Easy To Clean. It Can Be Used To Froth Other Liquids Besides Hot Milk. Use It To Make Milkshakes For Your Kids Or Cocktails For Your Friends. It Will Work Well With Both Hot And Cold Liquids.
  • The Milk Frother Is So Handy And Useful That You Can Gift It To Your Friends And Family Too. Let Them Enjoy The Convenience Of Making Chocolate Or Cappuccino At Home. We Are Confident Of Our Product And Know You Will Like It. This Is Why We Back Up Our Product. Order Now And Start To Create Thick And Creamy Foam For Your Homemade Drinks